About Stylist Bootcamp

Stay focused and strong as you develop business skills with Stylist Bootcamp. Stylist Bootcamp will change how you look at business and bring a different element to growth. Jared Jackson Dean provides years of experience in his coaching to help you excel in the beauty industry. Stylist Bootcamp is set up as a platform to build thousands of stylist into true entrepreneurs.

Stylist Bootcamp was designed to educated stylist from every level. We focus on business as we feel it is more than 60% of the success in this industry. Many education programs are about products, tools, how-to videos and hands on work about hair. Our workshop, seminars and tutorials is all about business and we bring that approach in everything thing we do.









Jared Jackson Dean is a salon owner, success coach and master stylist who believe that the key to success should be simple yet strategic. Whether you are new to the business, a seasoned stylist or a salon owner, your success journey with Stylist Bootcamp will be a powerful one. Our seminars will give you the fuel you need to grow and endure. It is about motivation, strength, inspiration and the will to never give up on yourself or your dream.