28 Jul 2014

Reach New Goals

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4 Tips to reach your salon goals


Reaching goals as a stylist in a salon can be as complicated as finding the right salon to work in. It takes strategic planning and focus to hit high ranking numbers in such a competitive business. In order to develop a effective game plan for salon success, you must ask yourself some questions. How many clients will I be able to handle in a day? How many new clients do I need to be averaging on a monthly basis? How many educational classes will I be attending annually? What are some of the weakness that may threaten my development as a stylist?

To help you answer some of these thought provoking questions, I’ve compiled 6 tips that will help you reach your goals at a steady pace. These 4 Tips come to the top of my list when it comes to building business in the salon.

1. Develop a Insane Work Ethic

Its all about hard work in the beginning! You must be willing to set your stage of success properly. Be the first one at the salon and the last to leave. You must be willing to sacrifice your personal time and put it into your work and development. Practice on your craft and make a lot of mistakes so your can learn quickly and effectively.

2. Be Patient

Having patience in this business is a must. Cosmetology school doesn’t teach you patience because the time to get your license is just about 1 year. It takes some consistency, patience and hard work to build a solid business and you must be able to handle the good, bad and ugly. Pace yourself and get good at being resourceful in your place of business.  It will come back and pay your dividends like no other.

3. Track Your Numbers

If you want to stay aligned with your goals, it is absolutely important to track all of your numbers. Tracking your numbers not only shows you the business numbers, but it gives your a clear picture of what your strengths and weakness may be. Start tracking New Clients, Referral Clients, Color Services and Retail.

4. Become Market Friendly

Between excellent customer service and social media marketing, everything is about understanding what brand/image you want to represent in the marketplace. Who you are, what you are, where you are going speaks volume to consumers. You must be clear about your brand image and become market savvy, so that when your name is mention in the market place there is no confusion as to what you do.

Remember: The only thing that can hold you back from reaching your salon goals is YOU. We know nothing is out of reach for you, so Dream Big and start building your legacy today.

Got a tip for hairstylists? Got a question of your own? Feel free to share  in the comments below.

23 Jun 2014

Hard Work vs Talent

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Talent vs Hard Work

The Verdict is in………………….

Hard work is always a touchy subject for those who have put in the sweat equity hours, devoting years to create what they have. Then their are a few talented, gifted individuals who seems to gracefully float through life accomplishing a lot simply because of what they have. What is the reality for many? Do you consider yourself as a talent or a hard worker? Have you any idea what it takes to earn 6 figures as a stylist? If your talented will it get you there? If you are hard working with minimum talent, will it be enough to earn you great money?

My belief system has always been that hard work is the essence of advancing in growth. Smart work is the pinnacle part where you become strategic on how you grow. Talent, well talent is the potential you possess on exercising your gift to its greatest ability. Does this mean you have to work more or less if you are talented? Truth is, you have to work. No matter how much talent you possess, you have to put in hour upon hours of committed work.  The key is having goals, a plan or a complete understanding of WHY, you are doing what you need to do. Without purpose, talent will get diluted down to a has-been situated.

I have interviewed talented stylist with absolutely no drive and interviewed individuals who’s work ethic was aligned with specific goals. Talent gets you to the door. Talent gets you noticed. Talent sets up opportunities. Talent creates new journeys. But without hard work and dedication, you can’t exceed beyond your capabilities. No matter where you are at in your life, I want you to stop and ask yourself, am I working hard enough to satisfy my goals and journey? Am I accountable for my actions, aspirations and purpose by dedicating the necessary time to  achieve what I want?

In conclusion, my opinion still stands strong and hard. Hard work outweighs talent all day. You can develop yourself by becoming strictly focused on working hard on the accomplishments set forth in front of you. Sweat equity helps to build endurance, strength, focus and accountability.

I would love to hear your feedback on this. Submit your comments, today.

Wishing you all the Best,

Jared Jackson Dean






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