Exclusive Q&A Interview with Ginger Boyle

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We had the privilege of interviewing the lovely and major icon in the hair industry, Ginger Boyle.  Ginger has built her reputation over the last 30 years as one of the most sophisticated stylists, gifted teachers and popular platform artists in the country. Ginger has provided advanced training and continued education to beauty industry professionals across the country. Enjoy this Q&A with Ginger Boyle, the owner of Planet Salon, and get inspired to become a better version of yourself.

First Name: Ginger
Last Name: Boyle

1.What inspired you to be in the beauty industry?: Really I always knew. It was my calling.

2. How many days a week do you work?: 4 days doing hair and 1 day doing business . I spend weekends doing photo shoots and promotions. But who’s working ?

3. What was your first job after getting your cosmetology license?: A wig store . We never stopped working,cutting ,coloring, styling.

4. Did you work as an assistant?: Not at first but after I moved to Denver I was able to. The best thing I ever did.

5. What inspired you to open up your own hair salon?: Wanting to create a space that had training , professional atmosphere, honesty and integrity .

6. How long did it take you to build a clientele?: Two years almost solid but 5 to build the clients I wanted.

7. What advice would you give a new stylist to build up their clientele?: Be on time, look great, work long hours.

8. Do you have a mentor or coach that has assisted in your growth?: Horst the founder of AVEDA . Then many in each area of my life.

9. What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?: My new location on Melrose in Los Angeles. Also, radio city music hall with Horst for 6 thousand hairdressers .

10. What is the biggest challenge in this business for you right now?: Social media and finding time for it.

11. What opportunities do you see for the future of the beauty Industry?: Many for the very professional and highly trained, the revenue will be amazing.

12. What keeps you motivated about being a hairdresser?: The smile from my guests. The light from the students keeps me going.

13. Why do you think being a business professional is important as a stylist?: To reach your goals you have to plan and understand your daily. , monthly, and yearly goals. You are your own business.

14. What is one goal you have set for yourself that you hope to accomplish this year?: A business seminar and I just booked it.

15. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? : I am still a student. I am working on helping our industry change for the best.

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