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Everyday should be a day to think. think. think. Then take Action. Sometimes taking action is all it takes to see BIG changes happen immediately.

Do you feel that taking ACTION may be the hardest part to accomplishing a goal? Do you think that thinking of an amazing IDEA is hard to put into action?

I remember when I first started off as a hairstylist,  when I was afraid and frightened to work on a client in cosmetology school that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. That doubt and fear kept me frozen to take ACTION. That doubt and fear kept me in the DARK and limited my ability to THINK about advancing forward. Working to become an accomplished stylist is not easy and their is no built in manual that is customized to the changes we face everyday as stylist.


Thinking back inside of that cosmetology school, I knew that the passion was inside of me but the fear kept me frozen. The only way to conquer such fear is by THINKING BIG. THINKING RIGHT NOW, and TAKING ACTION. Sometimes it is only makes perfect to make mistakes over and over again, until you get it right. You can beat fear and doubt in that race by applying the take action now philosophy. There is no reason to procrastinate if you believe in yourself. There is no reason to doubt if passion drives you to wake up daily to push forward with no regrets.

Starting today, I want you to think about your goals. Today, I want to think about your accomplishments. Today, I want you to think about the NOW and LET GO of your fears and TAKE ACTION. That’s right take action TODAY. If you have been thinking of opening a salon, TAKE ACTION. If you have been thinking of starting a product line, TAKE ACTION. If you have been thinking of managing a Salon, becoming a educator, taking an expensive class take action.

If you are struggling to MAKE MORE MONEY behind the chair we have an amazing Webinar, heading your way! It’s all about taking action and boy do we have a plan for you. We will teach you simple step by step formulas that takes THINKING and ACTION to make work. Join us on April 22nd as we shift gears and face our fears, once and for all.

P.S. Members are absolutely Free. Non-Members we have a few spaces available.


See you there,

Wishing you All the Best in Stylist Success

Jared Jackson Dean





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  • By Jeannette Hayes-Leaf 16 Apr 2013

    Thank you for your positive attitude that gets my blood pumping and makes me want to work harder on my DREAM!! VISIONS OF BEAUTY here I come♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!

  • By Nora A. Aguinga 19 Jun 2013

    Student from Marinello (inglewood), inspired by your Presentation. You are one of a kind , i strongly believe profesionalism has a lot to do with life sucess and specially in the beauty industry. I found my role model and that is you. If god permits it, im looking foward to work with you. Im thankful to know someone out there is on the same page as i am, to help others understand how important professionalism is, i might not have my career set yet but thats where im heading. I consider my self patience in any aspect and great customer service. Hope to hear from you soon. I love the way you explain point by point and make your self clear and at the same time always had that positive vibe and sence of humor.
    Sincerly Nora