13 Oct 2014

How to fuel your fears

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“Every challenged faced is a direct reflection of what your fear most.”

The avenue of success is truly determined by how well you deal with fear, challenges and even rejection. The toughest athletes endure some of the most gut wrenching challenges that cause them to react with bravery and focus. What really fuels them? What causes an athlete to quit? What makes a winner a winner? Tenacity? Strength? Will-Power? Below I have outlined 3 key areas on how you can simply fuel your fear.


1. Fear is an Assumption

Majority of the time you are fearful of something it is because you have made and assumption of what the outcome may be. Assumptions leave so much room for doubt, hesitation and negativity. Fear of something may be directed reflected to feeling embarrassed, resentment or regret before anything happens. In order to change this, think as fear as an assumption of something that has not happen yet. Like, being afraid to do a cut, color or up-do on a client and you have thought of all of the disastrous things that can happen. Make no assumptions and turn your fear into a positive outlook on a worthy result.

2. Step Ahead, Slowly but with Bravery

Sometimes fueling your fear is about being analyzing what exactly you may be frightened of and accepting the fact that you have what it takes. Next, would be taking a little time out of your day writing down goals and objectives that would help you face the fear head on. Finally, scheduling out specific deadline that will get you a little closer to accomplishing those fears. This alone will help you build confidence and become brave with conquering your fears.

3. Watch Closely How You Respond

As you move forward, is it negative or positive? If negative, why did you get that result? Client? Co-worker? Doubt? If positive, how did it make you feel? Happy? Excited? Accomplished? In you business, its about you understanding what triggers you happiness and excitement. If you can connect you excitement and happiness to your fear, than surely a healthy fear will appear as fuel to do more. Every fear requires a game plan of action. Stay resilient, focused and consistent on facing fears that can help further your growth.

These three are simple steps to get the ball rolling to get you where you need to be. Wishing you all the best.

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28 Sep 2014

Raise Your Stylist Value

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3 Tips To Raise Your Value an Self Worth

The biggest issue with a lot of stylist is dealing with fear, doubt and negativity. Sometimes we feast on what we haven’t accomplish and we devalue who we are and what we want. We go through so many up and down emotions that we lose site of who we are. Some of the biggest factors is having a

1. low-self worth of who we are.
2. low motivation
3. Not feeling good enough
4. Low energy levels and so much more…….

If you are struggling with any of the above, don’t worry! Many stylist go through the same feelings. Well I must say that over the years, as you progress it gets easier. Let me throw another perspective your way:

Value is built on having a solid reputation in business. Clients speak well about your and over time you become in demand. When you became in demand, the value of service, prices and knowledge should rise. Hence your value of self-worth will increase over time. Remember, its all about building your brand and empire. Here are some key factors in raising your stylist value and self worth:

1. Realize you have total control of your future.

Nothing can stop a person who believes in themselves at their lowest points. Give yourself time and patience to focus on what you really want to become. Listen to your intuition and simply trust that you have what it takes to accomplish anything you want.

2. Be accountable for your actions

Accountability plays a huge role, when it comes to building up your confidence and ability to become better. Regardless of  failure or  success you must look at every situation and accept responsibility to learn from it. Lack of motivation and procrastination is usually tied to dealing with issues of others or finding disappointment in various outcomes. Be your own motivation and maintain a healthy level of passion for success.

3. Work Hard

There is no way around this. Your value is build around how hard you work you must be willing to sacrifice a lot of time toward achieving a worthy goal. Hard work gives you a sense of worth, and leaves you feeling content with accomplishment. When you work hard, you become a valuable asset to any working environment.

Start off with these three key elements and let it drive your value to the roof. Stick with it! Remember, consistency is the engine to success.


25 Aug 2014

Respect The G.R.I.N.D

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4 Tips on Respecting the Grind


When you are determined to become a success, it is truly about staying on the path on non-stop determination. When I talk about Respecting the Grind, I’m talking about Initiative, Persistence, Communication and Accountability. Often to many times we see stylist, managers, students and even educators playing the blame game as to why they have not achieved the success they wanted. I have not met anyone who have not experienced a slow day, unhappy client or a day of negativity. It happens to the best of us. However, in order to develop an endless flow of opportunity and success, you must be willing to sacrifice your time. You must be will to dedicate yourself to the idea that your grind will determine your result. Wether it’s good or bad, it is entirely up to you.

I listed (4) Key Points to help put you on the right path; Let’s Go!

1. Initiative

Often the grind is about taking the initiative. The initiative to market yourself. The initiative to pay for more education. The initiative to clean, communicate, assist, ask questions. Think that nothing is going to coming to you unless you are willing to first take the initiative. If you respect your G.R.I.ND. taking the initiative should be part of your development.

2. Persistence

I’ve seen to many people give up way to early in the game. The beauty business is about being persistent and staying on the path. A lot of stylist who struggle, are mainly the ones who jump around from salon to salon going that the next one is better than the last. Persistence is truly about maintaining at a level of greatness over the years, keeping your eyes on the prize at all cost. Determination + Non-Stop = Persistence.

3. Communication

The term, “Closed mouths don’t get fed”, has some truth to it. Sometimes during my consultations, I find stylist are not communicating at all. They do more venting, complainin and nagging to the wrong individual(s) and do not get much resolved. Bad communication can shift the overall focus of the grind and leave a stylist feeling drained, resentful and even exhausted to continue on. Find the time to communicate effectively and it keeps your goals, success in perspective.

4. Accountability

The person who is able to accept the fact that he/she is solely responsible for his/her own success is the person who will make leaps and bounds when it comes to salon success. Take accountability for your actions, your time, your goals and mistakes. When you ask yourself,” What could I have done? What have I learned from this situation? How can I make a difference? This leaves room for self-improvement, self-development and self-worth.

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