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  • By bneubauer35 15 Apr 2013

    Thank You for all you are doing to help us be the best we can be! I am so stoked about this movement I can hardly contain my excitement. I am using all I have learned in all aspects of my life, not just in the salon,
    Would love to see you in Ohio so please let me know if you will be taking your talents on the road.
    Again thank you!
    Barb N.

  • By Kathy Martin, PhD 08 May 2013

    Hi Jared – I love what you are doing for stylists. My daughter is a stylist and I am an entrepreneur as a Beachbody Coach and also creator of People Plus personality assessment. I believe that what you are offering is such a need for stylists to start thinking in terms of what you are offering. Darcy is a step ahead because she understands personality quadrants of her clients, but your niche is not taught. Kudos!! I am looking forward to following your progress. Have a great day, Dr Kathy

    • By Jared Jackson Dean 13 May 2013

      Hello Kathy,

      Thank you so kindly for your feedback. It is an honor to inspire and motive stylist to reach and exceed goals. Looking forward to meeting you and your daughter in the near future.

      Warmest Regards,
      Jared Jackson Dean “aka” Mr. SBC

  • By Rhonda Cox 09 May 2013

    I just wanted to share my one on one experience with Jared to the SBC family. It was truly motivating and inspiring! You see, I am returning to the industry after nine years. Jared asked me questions about myself in order to get a sense of my vision and goals as a hairstylist. He gave me great ideas on how to build my business. I left with great tools to get me going. Jared is truly a GREAT guide!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so very much Mr. Jared Jackson Dean!!!!!

  • By latura jenkins 19 Jun 2013

    Today you came to my school and when i say you really gave me a new way of thinking and ways that i could better and further my education as well as network. Im glad that you spoke with us. I am very thankful and greatful you took the time out to come to our school and talk with us. I think your a very blessed man and i just thank you for care to make use better as stylist

  • By Kalisse Jeffries 21 Jun 2013

    Jared ,
    First and foremost Thank You for taking the time out to visit us at Marinello Schools of Beauty in the city of Inglewood I was truly blessed and touched to hear you speak ,you have an amazing personality I appreciate you.I learned so much from you just those couple of hours and I was truly impressed I am graduating in 4 months and the advice was so beneficial.I keep hearing you say in my mind how we have to see ourselves as a business entity at all times and I am incorporating the skill of tracking all my clients now as well Thanks to you I look at the industry much different now and l have a new outlook at the many possibilities and opportunities I can have if i apply my self the sky is the limit. Once again Thank You may God continue to bless and prosper you to new heights -Kalisse Jeffries

  • By Vanessa Yee 09 Jul 2013

    This message is intended for the eyes of Jared and Frances:
    I can’t begin to express what a joy you both were to have at my school- American Beauty College- this morning! My friends and I agree you were the best presenters we’ve had to date! Jared, your extensive knowledge and passion for the industry really shined through and reminded me why I chose this career path. I am in awe at your love for your craft as well as servicing your clientele!
    As a previous employee of the Ritz Carlton Spa in Pasadena, I know what it means to represent myself and a prestigious brand with dignity, and treat each and every client with the utmost respect. The training I received at the Ritz is what I want to personally reflect when establishing my own brand. Developing relationships with people of all demographics has always been my strength. Building the confidence in my work has posed a challenge for me, but I have the hunger to learn and grow in every aspect of my field. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet the both of you, and learn in depth, what it truly means to be successful. It is your dedication and positivity that make me a proud part of this industry. I look forward to visiting your salon very soon and would be honored to have the opportunity to work with any of you while building positive relationships with the rest of your staff! Thank you so much for considering me as a candidate and for the opportunity to advance my career while I’m in school.

    Vanessa Yee
    American Beauty College
    West Covina, CA
    (626) 260-2662
    [email protected]

  • By Sonia Orozco 24 Jul 2013

    Jared,I loved your inspirational and most of all MOTIVATIONAL cworkshop here at Marinello in Lomita! After the shop i was immediatley called for a client andd felt 1000% more confident and motivated in giving my client have the best experiance she will ever have ! Thanks so much for caring and helping us stylist in acheiving ourr goals and to grow. With more drive and confidence.

  • By Michelle Zapanta 04 Sep 2013

    Thank you Jared for being an amazing guest speaker at Paul Mitchell Costa Mesa. I am now inspired to believe in myself and the path I choose. I am not afraid to fail because that will only make me a better stylist.