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Hello SBC Team,

We had an amazing class yesterday from the Stylist Bootcamp Success Collection. Our workshop really went in depth about living up to your potential as a stylist. I’m always inspired and feel such a great sense of gratitude when I hear how we have touch others to want more! I know that being in this business is not easy but having some positive reinforcement, and a dose of encouragement can013 make things so much better. It is important to point out that so many stylist have the potential to create much more. Focusing on some key things can help to exercise that potential to grow. We need to be reminded just how important we are when bringing our skills to clients. We help to change lives and we offer a great deal of support for ourselves and clients. Let’s continue to raise the bar to continued success as professional stylist!

Are you ready to Join the SBC MOVEMENT? Are you interested in being part of a team of PROFESSIONAL STYLIST? Our you interested in how to get BUSY BEHIND THE CHAIR in the Salon?

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Wishing you all the best in Stylist Success,

Jared Jackson Dean

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