Live it. Love it. Earn it.

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Living out your dream as a successful stylist requires, that you have to love what you do. When you love something, it pours out of your system with heartfelt passion. You live it, breathe it, eat it and strive to do more everyday. It takes hard work, dedication and a little obsession if you ask me! You want to earn more money in this business, you may have to sacrifice a lot more than just hours. Live your best life by being devoted to your passion.

I love being a hairstylist and making people feel and look great. Isn’t that the best feeling in the world?! This business can bring out the best in you, if you allow it to. I love to see the passion and growth happen to a stylist that is putting in the extra effort. Waking up everyday knowing that staying committed to growth is what it is all about! It is one thing to recognized the God-given talent you have, but another thing to couple your hard work with real talent.

Today, I want you to make a commitment to Live It. Love It. Earn It. Learn to take your business to new heights by staying excited about the life you live. It is our primary goal to welcome every stylist to the SBC Movement! Every stylist should be able to build a stylist career from a business perspective and become proactive on making immediate changes that will promise a positive outcome.

You deserve the success! I believe in you!

Wishing you all the best, in stylist success,

Jared Jackson Dean Mr. SBC



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